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Photography session

Pak ngah family

pak lang family

mak acik family

my family

mak andak family

pak usu family

ank2 mak usu.. yg kecik skali 2 i geram.. dh pndai ckp skrg nie.. keje die membebel jer... hehehe

Yang tiada dalam sesi nie.. family pak long dan family pak cho.. dieorg beraye umh mertua..

DiGi iPhone 4 me

i want the iPhone because i want to be the first among my friends that can use such high technology device

Ramadhan & Syawal

1st nk mngucapkn selamat hari raye.. maaf zahir batin...
agak lme x jengok blog nie... dh brsawang rsenye...

malam raye...semua brkmpul..yg jauh2 blik.. main meriam...jgn tiru aksi ini di rumah.... hehehe

nie otw g jb airport amek adik mmber blik dr kuching...

nie 1st entry about raye.. wait the other entry about raye...
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